Hello and a belated Happy October to you!

It can’t just be me thinking about Halloween baking right? Surely not!?


Anyway, just a quick update to say sorry for being away but things have been manic in the real world. I’d rather be here in ‘hellocharlottespeaking’ works instead. The past week epecially has been rotten. Dreadful. Downright unpleasant. But it is easy to get stuck on the negative and forget about the good things.

So for October I will be keeping a diary of three good things from each day.

This is something I tried to do at the start of the year but like all my attempts at diary-ing I had tailed off by about March. Which is a shame. I enjoyed reading back while I was doing it. This time I will post a weekly review of the three good things of each day.


Here’s hoping for good things then!


Love Charlotte xx