So, unlike some other months this year I am not undertaking a daily challenge for September.

It’s just a weekly thing, to watch a film that I haven’t seen each week.

While it might seem straight forward to you, I am not known for my film watching. I like films don’t get me wrong. But I rarely choose to sit down and pop a DVD on. I like going to the cinema if it’s to see something I am excited about, but I am less bothered about just going to see whatever the latest release is. And the same is true at home. I’d rather watch a couple of episodes of a box set than a film as somehow I feel I’m getting more out of the time. Or I wil be watching a film and start thinking about all the other stuff I could do with that hour and a half. The fact that I would probably not have done that and just procrastinated the time away is irrelevant. The idea distracts me and often I find myself watching a film in chunks because I feel the need to do something else.

And that is what I have ended up doing. It’s taken me a week to watch my first film. So I’ll just have to try and cram the other 3 in somewhere…


So, what did I choose for my first film of September? Nothing more apt than In Time starring that Justin Timberlake chap!

As you can see, the DVD is still in the wrapper. I can’t actually remember when I bought this but I reckon it was about a year ago. That’s how bad I am at watching films. Watching this will help me with another challenge I am working on but that’s for another post.
So, the basic premise. Everyone lives to 25 just fine and dandy. And then you stop ageing. Sounds lovely. But you die at 26. Rubbish. I’ve just turned 26 and I haven’t managed to do anything! WAIT! We can get out of this dodgy situation because you get paid in time. And you buy stuff in time. You literally spend time. If you can get hold of enough time you can become basically immortal. I like this concept but I wouldn’t want to live it.
Mr. Timberlake is poor, basically trying to scrape enough hours to get to the next day. He meets an old chap. Although because people don’t age he still looks young – this would be confusing enough. The old chap has LOADS of time but is fed up and just wants to die. He says you can only live for so long before your mind wears out even if your body doesn’t. He thinks the world is corrupt and secretly donates all his time to Timbers while he sleeps leaving him the message ‘Don’t waste my time’
Now Timbers in on a mission.
A mission to take down the corrupt rich and redistribute time.
Obviously there’s a pretty rich girl and hit men and rozzers and going on the run and ghettos and whatnot.
I enjoyed the film, I did and I would recommend you give it a watch but… I dunno, it just felt a bit shallow to me.
Not shallow as in, you know shallow. Like Shallow Hal (also a film I haven’t seen). Not because it’s all about looks and titles and what people see on the surface. Shallow because I didn’t feel like it really got into the depths of the world it created. It felt like we stayed on the surface even though it was meant to be about uncovering and righting corruption.
And, one thing that really bugs me is that the leading lady is wearing very high heels.
I like a pair of heels. I do. I have nothing against women (or men for that matter) wearing them if they want. I have some very high heels. But I would never wear them if I was on the run. I wear them if I’m getting a taxi to the restaurant and home again. Not to run the 400m!
But not film women. Towards the end, the heroine is literally running for her life as she tries to get to JT who has a fresh supply of time as her clock ticks down. She would get there much faster in trainers.
(I’m sure in the running scene the actress was probably wearing flats)
It is also unfair of a Timbers to think she can easily keep up when he is wearing six inch heels and he is wearing a sensible shoe.


I hope my analysis of the footwear situation doesn’t ruin your enjoyment if what is otherwise a pretty decent film. Enjoy spending a couple of hours of you time wondering if you would’ve bothered watching it if you could see your clock ticking down.