I work in an office.

In a city.

In a city centre.

As soon as I leave my building I am bombarded with shops and offers and sales and enticing window displays.

It’s hard for a girl to resist.

Especially when there is so much nice stuff. So what if I don’t have room for another dress. It’s only £15!



Another peril of working in an office. Particularly in a repetitive type job is the boredom hunger.

Hmmm… What would make this spreadsheet more interesting? This packet of crisps.

Ooo, I feel hungry now. I’ll just have my biscuit too.

And before you know it your lunch is gone before 11.30.


But that’s no bother because there’s loads of food retailers right on my doorstep all offering me delicious lunches and snack options to get me through the rest of the day.



And it’s this spending that annoys me most.

Unlike a dress, there’s nothing to show for it at the end. Sure I didn’t need a dress but at least I have one at the end of the day. With food, there’s just crumbs, an empty purse and a guilty feeling lingering in your stomach. Yes it is guilt (and maybe a bit of overeating).

Worst of all it’s preventable.

All that I need to do is bring more food to work with me. Hardly difficult. Just pack more snacks


So that’s what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve packed so many snacks I’ve been bring stuff home. And how much money have I spent on food while at work?



In fact, not spending money on food has made me want to try and avoid spending all round. (Although this is partially motivated by an expense week coming up next week). And I’ve suceeded. I didn’t buy anything when I went to get a shirt for my sister today despite there bring loads of stuff I wanted to buy.


And it’s all thanks to packing smart and this beautiful lunchbox that makes me excited to bring a packed lunch to work again.

Lovely isn’t it?

I’ve had that lunch box probably getting on 10 years so yes it is a bit beat up and scratched but I still love it.

And you can get a lot of snacks in it!

Who wouldn’t want to eat that? Sainsburys, Subway, M&S eat your hearts out. What you can’t see in there is the chocolate biscuit. You can’t get through the day without a bit of choccy!


I recommend packed lunches as one of my top money saving tips. Just a shame my little friend Philip doesn’t listen to me. That’s why he’s got about 30p left to last until payday!


Love Charlotte x