Today is the 31st of August. Where has that gone?

I’m sure it wasn’t that long since it was July and I was decided to do a post everyday this month. Which I am happy say, as soon as I upload this I will have achieved. I don’t care that my blog messed up last week, I posted that Doctor Who thing on Sunday, look!


It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed trying to come up with something each day, even that has meant sitting in bed at 11pm scratching my head and going what I am still conscious enough to write about.

There are things I wanted to write but haven’t manage to fit in such as:

  • Age is just a number (coming in September).
  • Embarrassing stories when shopping.
  • What I wore to work this week.
  • Favourite book list.
  • Games Day with Marie and Rose.
  • A thing about A Level Results.

And probably many more.


August has been a busy month for me. There have been some very high highs and some pretty low lows but I still loved it so much. I have my fingers crossed for September. I hope that it brings fun and good fortune for everyone I know. My friend Sam has challenged me to watch a new film (ie a film I haven’t seen yet) each week in September. Sam, I officially accept.


I hope to keep up to regular posting although I don’t know if I will manage a post everyday yet.

If you read my recent book review then you will know I am feeling inspired to get stuff done at the moment so maybe there will more ‘how-to’ or ‘I made this’ or just general ‘doing stuff’ posts.


Anyway, thank you for reading my ramble. 10 points to your house of your choice if you know what calendar I have from the picture up there. If you do, let me know so I can aware the points!


Enjoy the last day of August.

Love, Charlotte