I think my love of a murder mystery was kindled by Jonathan Creek when I was little.

And then I discovered Miss Marple and even better, Poirot.

The most recent murder mystery series I have enjoyed was Death in Paradise.

But the most recent murder mystery I have seen is the longest running murder mystery in Britain.

The Mouse Trap

According to the programme’s cover this it the show’s First UK Tour for it’s Diammond Anniversary. (Side note, the programme was only £4 which is think is a very good deal – much cheaper than some West End programmes I’ve bought in my time).

Now, how does one review a murder mystery without giving much away.

Um, first I shall start by saying how thrilled I was with the seats. Third row! I have never sat so close to the front in a theatre in my life. It was very, very exciting.

Then there was the delightful plinky piano music playing to set the atomosphere while everyone was sitting down. Another side note, if your seats are towards the middle of the row, don’t spend the whole preshow time in the bar and then make half the row stand up 2 minutes before the show starts.


Okay, so onto the actual show. A lovely couple are opening a guest house. There is of course a terrible snow storm raging as the guests arrive. A slightly kooky young man, a snobbish old woman, a classy old army gent and an alternative young lady. Oh and an unexpected guest with an amusing forgeign accent. I do not mean to say accents are amusing, more that this one was a bit hammed up for effect.

A murder has been committed nearby.

A rozzer arrives (on skis!) to investigate as the address of the guest house was found at the scene of the murder along with a note about three blind mice, meaning there are two more victims still to be killed.

The show is basically trying to work out who is the murderer and who will be the next victims. My theatre companion wondered if this was where the idea of cluedo was born.

Now, neither me or the boy had seen the show before or knew anything about it so, armed with programme we both picked out who we thought the murderer was. By the interval neither of us were sure. I think I suspected everyone. In fact there was one person I didn’t suspect so I decided that I suspected them.

Now unfortunately, I can’t tell you who the murderer is because we were sworn to secrecy. But also because why would I drop a spoiler like that? I don’t even really want to go into the details of the plot because I don’t want to ruin any of it.

It was clever, it was funny, the set was superb (I loved the snow falling outside the window and how the lighting changed as the day turned to night) and over all it was simply amazing. I was excited when we went in, at the interval I think the boy may have thought I was insane or going to have some sort of episode and by the end I was practically shaking in my seat with the tension and then the release of the reveal.


I would just like to dedicate this post to The Boy, without whom I wouldn’t have had this fantastic experience. Thanks lovely, just don’t forget I’ve got all the other tickets for the furture so be good now. Haha.


I urge anyone to go and see this and would love to know what other people thought of it too.

Love, Detective Charlotte xx