Good evening. Or good morning or just generally good day.


I’m having to write this pretty late in the day because as strange as it may seem to some of those who know me, I have things to do in life that aren’t just write this blog. I had a murder mystery to attend but more on that another day.


What I want to talk about is the current knitwear predicament that is happening in the shops.

If any of you have been on the high street recently you will have noticed that shops have given up on summer and have got their autumn clothes in. Which seems like sensible news given the recent chill that has been setting in here in the UK.

I am in need of new jumpers. I have plenty if hoodies (my favs being my Hogwarts and Mars Investigations) but I can’t really wear those to the office. And my office is the temperature of the temperature outside. So if it’s hot, it’s hot and if it’s cold we sit shivering in our coats, so I need new work appropriate jumpers. But can I find any? No.

Why is everything either see-through or cropped? Neither if which I think is useful for a jumper.

I want my jumper to be opaque, because a see-through jumper can’t be very warm. Thus defeating the purpose. And I want my jumper to cover my whole torso because my belly gets cold too. I understand that crop tops are back in and I understand that they are a useful summer item but not in the cooler months surely.


I trailed round all lunch time today and wasn’t very successful. I managed to buy two jumpers and two cardigans. The cardigans need to go back and the jumpers, while fine, are not very thrilling. I know I said I wanted a sensible work jumper but if it could be at least a tad interesting that would be nice. I haven’t been round all the shops. I’m currently trying to stick to a fairly small budget so I haven’t hit the likes of Zara or Topshop but I was hoping somewhere like New Look would have a decent offering.


You can’t rely on the high street to provide the clothes you need when you need them. This is why I have been waiting since about last Novemeber to wear a ghost jumper. (I have worn it on the odd occasion but I am really planning to make the most of it from about mid September).

This is why I am a clothes hoarder.

If you find something you like, and you can afford it of course, buy it and keep it until it falls apart or you really really hate it. If I do manage. To find any jumpers this year I will wheel them out for winters to come.


Love Charlotte x