I think I have already mentioned that one of my goals for this year was to go to the theatre at least twice. A far this year I have been 4 times so I have definitely achieved that one.

I love going to the theatre. There’s something very exciting about the fact that it is live. And it’s even better if you’re going to see something that you don’t really know what it is about. Sure it might be rubbish but it probably won’t be. Go in there with an open mind and the knowledge that you’d probably just waste the evening watching repeats of Mock the Week on Dave anyway and you will have a jolly good time!


Contrary to rumour, it isn’t actually that expensive either.

Okay, so sometimes it is expensive. £30 for a ticket is pretty pricey but that’s for the very best seats. If you’re happy not to be dead central or right at the front the prices do come down.

And quite often, theatres have deals on. If you’re a student you will pros blu get a discount. Or if you book last minute some places sell tickets off cheap. Or sometimes the tickets are just cheaper than you expect.


For example, today I was presented with tickets to see a production of Blackadder at my local theatre in November. For just a tender each! Bargain. Within half an hour, we had booked tickets for a cinema live stream of Stephen Fry in October for fifteen quid each! More expensive to not see the live show?


So… That might not really be fair. It is Stephen Fry and it’s not Rowan Atkinson but you get my drift. A ticket at my local cinema for a film is currently £7.40 before 5pm and £8.60 after 5pm. Throw in an overpriced coke and you’re definitely hitting the £10 mark.


The boy and I currently have an agreement going that we won’t go to the cinema to see a film. It seemed a bit clichéd as a date to start with and a bit unimaginative. So instead we decided to go see a theatre show once a month. Where possible (unless it is for a special event) we have a budget of £20 max a ticket figuring that this is the same as going to the cinema once a fortnight.

Don’t get me wrong, I like going to the cinema and you can get some good deals on that too by using things like Tesco or Nectar points to get tickets but I just love the excitement of a live performance.


And I love the excitement in the build up to a theatre show. Sometimes you get this with the cinema. Like the Stephen Fry thing or a midnight showing but you can really book in advance with the theatre and look forward to it. I currently have five pairs of tickets hiding out in my filofax ranging from tomorrow to November. Two plays, one ballet, one cinema stream and one Q&A book signing event. (I know that last one isn’t strictly speaking theatre but it’s live and requires a ticket so I’m counting it).

I appreciate that I am fortunate to be able to go to these things but I don’t go out drinking or buy expensive handbags or whatever, this is what I choose to save my pennies for.


Do something live. It’s a one off experience that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Love Charlotte x