Has the chill set in where you are? It has here. Although the weather was rude enough to be freezing this morning but then warm up by home time so I looked a bit silly in my coat and scarf. At least I hadn’t gone for a full on parka or I would’ve looked very daft indeed and overheated on my walk home.


Even though I will miss the warmer weather that summer has brought I have to admit that a little bit of me is looking forward to Autumn. Obviously I’m not looking forward to being chilly and having wet feet when it rains unexpectedly. And I’m definitely not looking forward to dark mornings and nights. But I am looking forward to:

Jumpers: I really enjoy knitwear. And I need new work appropriate jumpers which means shoppping trip!

My blanket cape: My all time most favourite item of clothing. It is a blanket that you can wear! Expect a blog post dedicated to it in the near future!

My actual cape: I also have an actual cape coat. You know. The awesome kind with slits instead of sleeves. No good for the depths of winter but as a stylish Autumnal option it’s a winner.

New leather gloves: I love M&S leather gloves and I think I will need to check out the colour range this year to see if there’s anything that jumps out.

Boots: Who doesn’t love knee boots? They’re such a brilliant shoe. They look great with skinny jeans but also with dresses. I wore my current pair to death last year so I’m already on the lookout for a new pair.

Snuggling up under blankets: I love blankets. And I love to get snuggled up in them. My mum once bought me a slanket (you know those blankets with sleeves so you can still hold a book or whatever) as a bit of a joke present because we’d always joked about how naff they are but I honestly love it.

Hot water bottles and wheaties: On a similar theme, it’s all about getting cosy. And as much as I love a wheatie there is something very comforting about a hot water bottle. I think it’s because it reminds me of childhood. B bought me a mini one last year with it’s own knitted cosy and it’s the best thing ever.

The Costa Christmas range: Tell me you’re not excited about this!? So many delicious drinks, so little time. Normally I’m not a coffee shop person. I’m happy to have a tea or hot chocolate at home / in the office rather than get one from the shop. But that limited edition thing does lure me in.

Hot puddings: Treacle sponge for the win! WITH CUSTARD!

Soups: Mmm, homemade soup with crusty bread and butter. So comforting. So delicious. Yes please.

Blackberries: I need to go blackberrying to stock the freezer up so that I can have blackberry cake whenever I want!

Knitting: I always feel more inclined to knit during the colder parts of the year. I think it has something to do with the knitwear association, the nights drawing in and the fact that you don’t overheat when your knitting gets so long it sits on your lap.

So, bring on Autumn I say. As long as you’re prepared for it then you can definitely enjoy it.


Love Charlotte xx