Good evening.

As the last bank holiday of the summer drawers to a close I would like to share with you the recipe for the perfect lazy weekend. But first, an announcement.

I have been informed by two friends that my blog is claiming I posted twice on Saturday and didn’t post yesterday. This is a lie. Yes I started my Doctor Who post on Saturday evening but I finished and posted it on Sunday. This is very important given that I am doing a blog a day in August. That is all.

Okay, back on with the actual post.

So this weekend I didn’t want to trek off with all the other bank holiday-ers to jam packed attractions or to seaside resorts teaming with people wondering why they have come to the seaside when it is raining. Because it’s an English bank holiday, of course it’s raining. I just wanted to relax and spend my time in a calm fashion. There’s been a lot going on, and I’m liking to have a lot more happening soon so I wanted to grab this opportunity with both hands and just laze.


For the ultimate lazy weekend you will need:

Comfy clothes: If you want, just stay in your PJs the whole time. No one wants to be dealing with over structed dresses or super skinny jeans when they’re trying to relax.

Fully charged gadgets: Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you spend you any weekend checking emails or anything like that. If anything I recommend ignoring all social media etc. But I like to use my iPad to listen to the radio and I’ve got audio books loaded on my iPod. Very important features of the laze around.

A good book: Need I say more?

A good magazine: For when you are too lazy to do proper reading, you can just flick through.

A box set: Is there a better way to spend a lazy day than with a binge watch?

Snacks: You do NOT want to have to be disturbed from your relaxed state to forage for food so make sure to stock up on snacks. Try for a mix of healthy and treats so you don’t even up feeling poorly.

Drinks: Get a big bottle of coke (other soft drinks are available) and have it to hand. Thirst is the enemy of relaxation.

A comfy place to chill out: Whether this is your favourite arm chair or your bed, get a blanket, stock up on cushions and cosy up.

A lazing partner: Lazing around is always better with company. You can muse about nothing, set the world to rights, laugh and joke and generally have a jolly good time. If your lazing partner is the type of persona who will bring you a cup of tea every now and again then even better. Hang onto this person whether they are a friend, boy/girlfriend, or family member. They are a keeper.

Rain: It is the perfect excuse.


So that’s that. It’s pretty simple but it’s all you need to enjoy a lazy day, weekend or, if you’re strapped for time just pick one or two of the entertainment elements and grab an afternoon if you can. Everyone deserves a chance to wind down and forget the world every one and then.


Love Charlotte xx