Yesterday saw the return of Doctor Who. And not just the return, the arrival. For we have a new Doctor. A much anticipated new Doctor.

I am always nervous when we get a new Doctor. Although being more of a fan of the new series rather than the classics which I unfortunately was not around for, I have only had to meet a new Doctor twice until now. But both times I was not happy.


I didn’t like David Tennant as he took over from Christopher Ecclestone. But he won me around. And I loved him. So much that when Matt Smith took over I was highly concerned indeed. How could anyone be as amazing as David Tennant? They couldn’t be surely.


Oh they could. Matt quickly became my Doctor.

And I will argue endlessly with anyone who disagrees. I’m looking at you boy.



I have to say, I started to think I was fickle. Each new Doctor turned out to be better than the last. I clearly just liked the current face. And I felt that way about the companions. Martha was better than Rose. Donna was better than Martha. Amy was better than Donna. Clara was… Wait no, Amy still wins for me.


I like Clara. I do. But she’s no Amy Pond. And there’s no Rory either.

Clara did show me one thing though. I don’t just like the current the best.


Which is why sitting down to watch this new Doctor was so worrisome. I can no longer automatically assume he will be better than the last. When Peter Capaldi was announced as the new Doctor last year I was worried. There had been rumours of course but I still had my fingers crossed for that guy from the BT adverts. Although that was just because he is ginger and the Doctor has always wanted to be ginger.


I sat down with the rest of the world to watch the announcement show. And out come Peter Capaldi. Now, previously to this I have no real experience of Capaldi. I don’t watch The Thick of It but I do know the character Malcolm Tucker and while I know he isn’t going to be that, this is the only frame of judgement I had. So I wasn’t sure.


And then they revealed his outfit.


If you’ve met me then I can only apologise for the amount of time I spend talking about tweed. Or if you’re my friend Philip, the amount of time I spend trying to convince you to wear some tweed. Oh, and bow ties are my favourite tie ever. I am constantly saddened by the lack of bow ties in the world to the point where I have taken it upon myself to start wearing them. So as you can see, Matt’s Doctor was spot on.


I wasn’t sure about the outfit. I don’t know what it was it just didn’t seem right. It was too… I’m not sure. Punky? I know it’s not punk. I just can’t explain why but I too a dislike to it straight away.


So I sat down last night both looking forward to and feeling concerned about the new series with this new face. If you happen to follow me on twitter you may have already seen my initial reaction:

I won’t say I loved him yet, because I don’t. And I was very happy to see the *SPOILER* Matt Smith appearance. Okay that’s not really a spoiler. But I didn’t hate him.
He was manic like the Doctor should be, but not like those before him. And he was smart. And I liked the dark edge. At one point I was genuinely shocked by his reaction and decision but it all became clear in the end. Even his outfit didn’t seem as bad as I thought it would.
The only thing that really disappointed me was the trailer for next week. Darleks? How predictable.
I know they’re his sworn enemy and all that jazz but really. They’re over used and I think it could’ve been slightly longer than episode two before this new face faced them! Hehe, that amused me.
Anyway, I’ve rambled on plenty long enough now. I hope you enjoyed the new Doctor, or at least like Doctor Who as a show. If not, well done on trawling through all this.
Love Charlotte x