Today we have the third instalment of my ‘Jibberish I wrote when I was a teenager’ series.

After reading it through though I can’t really think of a title so if you have any suggestions please let me knows.



Would you like to hear a little tale that I know?

You would?


No one has ever been so nice to me before in the whole of my life!

Here, have a prize.

Do you like it?

You do?

Woah… You are such a nice person.

How did you get to be so very nice?

I bet you studied at the ‘College of Nice’ and got an A. I’m sure you did.

What’s that?

You didn’t!


You are so lucky that you can be so nice without even studying!

I’ve never met anyone as nice as you before.

What was I doing now?

Oh yes!

Telling you a tale that I know!

Hang about while I make a brew.

*Boiling of water and adding a teabag and stuff*

That’s better.


You need a cushion to sit on. Here.

Do you like it and the fact that it is red?

Oh, you prefer blue. Here you go.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.. Once upon a ti-


Oh, your pet cat would like to listen also. Okay, go get him.

I apologise. It’s a her.


Do you forgive me?

You do?

You really are so very nice.

Everyone else thinks I’m annoying and doesn’t like me.

But you don’t do you?

Do you?

No. Brill!

Would you like to accompany me to my friend Margaret’s wedding?



Oh… You don’t know me well enough.

Well, I like film viewing and lasagne.

Do you know me well enough yet?

Great. I’ll see you Tuesday at 8am.

Yes I know it’s early.


Bring a pineapple!


So, that was that. A one sided conversation between a very needy person and someone who is far too accommodating.


I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


Love Charlotte x