On my walk from the office to the station today I found myself feeling pretty peckish. It’s Friday though so I thought maybe I would treat myself to a chocolate bar for the journey. Unfortunately I made this decision when I had passed the last shop that wasn’t in the station. And in order to not miss my train, my only option was to look for food supplies in the station.


Now, I’m not a total numpty. I know stuff costs more in the train station. I’ve been going to them for long enough. It’s because they know you don’t have an option. No choice. You have you buy stuff there no matter what the cost. But when I saw this I was SHOCKED!


89p for a twix!?!?!?!?!?! What?

I remember when chocolate bars went up to 50p. That was bad enough but at least you could still get 2 for £1. And then I remember when they went to 55p and that was totally ruined.

I remember when Freddos were 10p. Now they’re 20p. Or you can get insane American Imports for about 70p. For a freakin’ Freddo!


This is not on. Wages aren’t going up. How are young young people supposed get hyped up on sugar these days? This is why there’s more drug an alcohol abuse, kids can’t afford Cadbury’s. Probably.


Love, Charlotte xx