I have forgotten and then remember at least 3 times this week that Monday is a bank holiday. And every time I remember I get a little flutter of excitement. Because a bank holiday means a free day off! Well, it does if you’re me and you work in an office. If you work in retail or the service industry or something where you have to work bank holidays, I can only hope that you get some sort of time-and-a-half pay to make up for it.


But the bad thing about the bank holiday is that this is the end. No more bank holidays now until Christmas. That sounds like such a long time away. But it’s not. We’re nearer Christmas and nearer 2015 than the start of 2014. Now that is scary.


I don’t really want to do this… But…

There’s only 125 days until Christmas!

Sorry about that.


Where was I? Oh yes, time flies.

All of a sudden, at work the month end deadline is upon us. I don’t feel prepared for this.

And all of a sudden my birthday is around the corner and I’m being asked if there’s anything I want. I’m really not sure.

There’s only one month left of our current contract at work before we start on the new one. I have no idea what that is going to be like.

I have been learning to drive for almost a year now (shush up if you think that’s a long time).

The chill of Autumn is definitely setting in, despite it still bring August.

I really need to start thinking about where I’m getting the money for next year’s train pass from.

And I’ve been in my job for almost 4 years… The second longest I’ve been to the same establishment everyday after highschool.


Today, in jolly old England it is GCSE results day. The thing is, it it’s practically 10 years since I got my GCSEs (well 9 but still…) and I can still remember it. I remember having to go to three different tables because we had three different exam boards. I remember the ‘cool’ kids trying to make fun of me one last time for doing well. I remember walking out of the door not caring because I’d never have to see them again. And 9 years later I haven’t – result!

As you enter the world of being an adult, time can run away with you because of routine. Because the days all run into one another as you plough away at work doing the same things everyday. The days becoming indistinguishable from each other. When you look back on times gone by, you don’t remember every single detail, you pick out the highlights.

Time flies. Just try and make sure it’s because you’re having fun.

Love Charlotte x