Yesterday, my adoptive little brother (ie. friend who is a few years younger than me for whom I have an inexplicable love for and sometimes feel the need to look out for as if he is a genuine relative) asked me if I thought he could pull off a waistcoat. Now, I love a waistcoat immensely, and I genuinely think that Philip could pull one off, so of course I encouraged him. One lunch time Primark dash later and we left with a navy matching waistcoat and trouser set, crisp white shirt, boots and belt. A very dashing outfit I think anyone will agree.

He wasn’t sure to be honest with you in the shop, or throughout the afternoon. We did buy the waistcoat without trying it on based on the fact that it was only a fiver in the sale. But he got home, tried it on and loved it too. He promised to wear it work today and I was right: the boy looked very dapper indeed. I was happy and he was happy. Until people started to make fun of him.

Don’t get me wrong, he is normally very smart. He is very much a shirt and tie sort of guy. But the waistcoat is a bit out there and not a look much seen about our building. The main comments he recieved were:


‘Are you going to a wedding?’


‘Are you playing snooker at the crucible?’


To his merit, my little bro stuck with it it even though I could tell he was feeling a bit uncomfotable after the comments. And it was this that annoyed me. He was happy and other people were bringing him down just because he’d gone for something different.


Despite not knowing who the celebs are, what is actually in fashion or what the big deal with designer brands is I am quite interested in style and clothes.


I don’t pay enough attention to follow the trends, and besides some trends I wouldn’t want to follow. I have yet to see anyone in a jumpsuit that actually looked good and I really don’t agree with the whole leggings as trousers thing.


But somehow, over time I have managed to carve out a collection of clothes and a way of putting them together that seems to have become my personal style. Yes, occasionally I end up with an outfit that I have to describe as ‘farmer chic’ but for the most part people in my office seems to like my chices and combos and I often get compliments. Someone did once said I look like I am constantly on route to a tea party but that’s okay, I like tea parties.


If anyone ever asks where I get my inspiration from or how I put together my outfits I simply tell the I wear what I like, with some discretion based on the fact that sometimes you try something on and it just looks awful. So I don’t wear those things.


Sure, I have days where I fee rubbish with what I’ve chosen. And I have days where I get halfway into the office and wonder if what I’ve chosen is really a good idea and worry what people will say but at the end of the day, it’s not anyone else’s business.


If you’re happy and, depending on your personal preference, reasonably comfy then go for it.

Wear whatever the hell you want and don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.


Love Charlotte x