Today I feel like a list. A not in any particular order list but just a general favourites type list.

And to celebrate the fact that this morning I managed to get my TV working again I shall pick out my most favourite telly box series that I would always recommend.


1) A Town Called Eureka

Crazy space stuff? Robots? Science? A secret town full of geniuses hidden somewhere in America? If this sounds like your thing Eureka is for you! Obviously each episode some sort of imminently dangerous mishap occurs which the local Sheriff (who incidentally is basically the only non-genius in town) had to get to the bottom of. From a second sun appearing to metal turning to gold to travelling in time this show has it all!

2) Dinnerladies

Classic. The show never leaves the canteen which I think is fantasic. It is a prope situation comedy. Even though there are only two series the characters develop and progress and you grow to love them all more and more and despite the fact that I know all the jokes it still has me laughing every time.

3) Veronica Mars

School girl detective? Yes please. So much cooler than Nancy Drew Veronica Mars is pure awesome. Why they axed this show I’ll never know but us marshmallows showed WB and now there’s a movie and a book series. Honestly, does that not explain how good it is? Okay, motorbike gangs, blackmail, tasers, underhand sheriff, bad boys, good guys, babies swapped at birth? None of this selling it to you? Hmm… We’re not friends.

4) Red Dwarf

Seriously, it’s the best thing ever. It’s a sitcom in space. It has a robot, a talking computer and a human cat. What more could you want from TV? Oh? A super catchy theme tune? No problem:

It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere. I’m all alone, more or less. Let me fly, far away from here.

Fun, fun fun. In the sun, sun sun.

I want to lie, ship-wrecked and comatosed. Drinking fresh mango juice. Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes.

Fun, fun fun. In the sun, sun sun.

5) Poirot

Back on the murder mysteries. Only this time it’s a classic. Exercise those little grey cells and hope that this is an episode with Hastings in. Because, well who doesn’t love Hastings?

6) Still Game

This never seems to be on the telly. Although maybe it gets the odd repeat in Scotland I’m not sure. Follow the misadventures of OAPs Jack and Victor as they bumble on down to The Clansman to have a pint, try and avoid nosey old Isa’s gossiping and argue over who has eaten the last Tunnocks tea cake. Mmmm Tunnocks tea cake. I’m hungry now.

7) Once Upon A Time

Big thanks to my friend Marie for introducing me to this. Admittedly I have only seen the first series but I started series 2 last night with the family and I’m very excited. If you like classic fairy tales, modern day interpretations of fairy tales and and somewhat amnesiac / schizophrenic theory that ties the two together then you will love this clash of fairy tale characters. Snow White’s best friend is Little Red Riding Hood? Sure why not.

8) Sherlock

Obviously. Now I will admit that I found the third series a bit of a let down. It was good. But not as amazing as expected. That aside this brilliant modern day setting of the classic Conan-Doyle stories is something that has to be watched. Possibly controversial comment that I think I prefer Watson to Holmes (please don’t attack me Cumberbatch Lovers). I know they are all busy busy people but do we really have to keep waiting two odd years each time? BRING BACK MORIARTY!

9) Pretty Little Liars

This is partially here so that Rose doesn’t disown me a friend but also because I really do love it. Again I’m not up to date but I am catching up. If you like a high school drama (come on admit it you know you do even though your high school years are well behind you) mixed with blackmail and deceit then this is going to be right up your street. Someone’s dead. Then they’re not. Then they are. Then they’re not. Mysterious messages from A. Who’s A? Can we trust anyone? Even the main characters? No idea. Gripping.

10) The Great British Bake Off

Now I know all my other choices have been proper scripted series and whatnot but GBBO is my must watch show at the moment. I have been a fan from the very first series and despite not being that bothered about Mary and Paul (again don’t hate me!) I keep coming back for more. I didn’t love the last series as much as usual but I am already hooked on this one. If you like cake, TUNE IN. Plus, the format influence another show I love the Sewing Bee but a list of 11 just seems silly.


So, by no means a comprehensive list of the telly I love but some very firm favourites there. If only I had more spare time I would so do a binge watch day of some of these!


Love Charlotte x