Hello! This is a good time of year, the ‘Back to School’ season.


Despite not having been part of an educational establishment for about four years now, I still get excited about the run up to September. Partially because my birthday is in September. But mostly… Because it’s


New Stationey Season!

I was always that child who was hyperventilating in WHSmiths over the choice of pencil cases.

I would carefully label all my ring binders for each subject.

I know that I prefer narrow ruled paper to regular.

I lament the decline of the gel pen.

I have a stationery fetish.


Nowadays, I have much less need for stationery. But I still crave it.


I have more notebooks than I can shake a stick at, more coloured pencils than anyone over the age of 14 should have unless they are taking an art GCSE and more pencil sharpeners, rulers, staplers and hole punches than anyone outside an office should have.


Fortunately for me, I do work in an office and I have somehow got myself the role of chief stationery orderer. While I can’t go crazy, I do have a stationery cupboard and I did get far too much pleasure out of taking delivery of our last bulk order. No one should be as happy about taking delivery of various sizes of envelopes and ink cartridges as I was. I probably need help.


And if I’m that thrilled about envelopes imagine my excitement when earlier today I was presented with this:


It is a highlighter that has page marker post it notes built in.

Seriously. I actually did a little happy dance when Twinny Two gave me it. I love it so much I have actually brought it home because I know it will be stolen at work. I was so excited about it I immediately went onto the post it note website to see what other super cool awesome products they have. And at this point I was disappointed. The American site seemed to have much better things than the UK site. Disappointing.

But actually, I don’t want to order my stationery online. I want to go to the shops and browse. But there’ll kea danger.

For example: I should not, under any circumstances be allowed in Paperchase. I could bankrupt myself in that shop. But there is one within easy walking distance of my office and a cheeky lunchtime splurge is all too easy. And I come out of there with all kinds of random stuff, like stickers. I don’t need stickers. But I love them. And the problem with Paperchase is everything is so fantastic, and the ranges don’t last forever so the items are basically like a limited time offer. I deeply regret not buying a cool bag with beach huts on it that they no longer stock. (I am aware that’s not stationery but I do also have a thing about cool storage tubs etc).


I genuinely hope that one day I can have a home office. Not necessarily to work from, (although maybe I will write this blog there who knows) but to house all the stationery I currently have nowhere to home. Desk tidies and ring binders and a massive magnetic whiteboard with multicoloured pens and stuff.


Excuse me now, I have to go and highlight anything I can find. Probably yesterday’s paper.


Love Charlotte x