I am currently having some serious present buying problems.

I have to give three different people, three different presents for three different things this week. They are all proving troublesome.


First of all, what do you get someone you haven’t known that long for their birthday?

If it was just a casual acquaintance I would suggest offering to take them to the cinema or perhaps just a nice box of thorntons. But what do you do when the person in question is your new boy or girlfriend?

And your birthday is only a month after theirs.

And it sounds like they’ve had a brilliant idea of what to get you for your birthday?

Hmm…. Pickle number one.


The second predicament is the ‘Congratulations On Your Results’ present.

I don’t like any of the cards I’ve seen so far and results day is tomorrow. Plus it was recently the person in question’s birthday and I think I managed to pull together a pretty good present for that. And I would quite like to chuck something their way when they move to uni. Nothing extravagant (don’t get your hope up Rose!) but still it all adds to the dilemma.


The third and final predicament is the ‘Sorry you’re leaving / You’ve got a new job’ present.

So, a lovely lass is leaving (I am all about the alliteration today) my office on Friday and once again I don’t like any of the cards I’ve see and don’t really know what to do as a parting gift. When her sister left I made her Cookie Monster buns. But I don’t want to do the same thing for twinny 2. One, that feels like cheating… And two, she is having and work drinks and I doubt she wants to cart a load of cake around town with her on a Friday night.


For predicament number one I have gone for a box (stolen from the office and covered I cheap wrapping paper!) full of various bits and bobs that I think (hope!) he will like / find funny / prove useful. As I am writing this he doesn’t have it yet. By the time this is posted he will. FINGERS CROSSED.

For predicament number two, I dunno. I’ll find an appropriate card tomorrow I’m sure. Rose, if you’re reading this GOOD LUCK for tomorrow even though you 100% don’t need it.

And finally, for predicament number three, it’s not really as drastic as I think it is. Yes I like the girl, and I will miss her when she’s gone. But it’s not like we’re best friends. A funny card and some choc will probably do just fine.


I love getting people presents even though it can prove very stressful. But it’s worth it for the moments when you get it just right. When you can see that the person genuinely appreciates the thought and effor you’ve put in.

I don’t believe in big, showy presents as a general rule. I would rather try and make something or put together something myself than just buy the latest gadget, although those presents do also have their place. The bottom line, is the present isn’t about me. It’s about them. I just want to get it right.


Love Charlotte x