I’m cold.

I’ve been cold all day.

I hate being cold. It’s distracting.

What has happened? We were having lovely weather. For Britain this was a top drawer summer. People were going around without cardigans on. Even I was going around without a cardigan. I even risked a few days without taking a jacket out with me!

And then, all of a sudden there’s the remnants of a hurricane swirling over the ocean and summer is kaput. Now I am highly aware that moaning because it’s a bit chilly while referencing the fact that some people have just experienced a hurricane is petty and not really justifiable. But this is my corner of the internet and I want to mourn summer.

I knew when we were all complaining in the office about how hot it was (we have no air-con, a building site across the road which means a lot of dust if we open the windows and radiators which were still on) that we were jinxing it. I tried so hard not to make a big deal of it but it was annoying being stuck in a muggy office all day. The hardest part was trying to find an office appropriate outfit that would still be cool. I mostly felt sorry for the men though. At least as a woman I can wear sandals to work. I would never go as far as the flip flop but then again, I don’t like to wear flip flops anyway. Men have to wear proper shoes in the work place. It’s unfair for them.

I got the weekend just gone all wrong too. Saturday was lovely so of course I had inside plans. And Sunday absolutely threw it down. So of course, I had outdoor plans. Fortunately I have a very sexy raincoat. Okay it’s an oversized camouflage number that I could actually use as a tent but boy is it waterproof. So who cares if it looks a bit daft? I don’t. And you know what goes really well with an oversized camouflage raincoat? Pink and yellow spotty wellies that I borrowed from a friend. Oh yes. I was the height of classy, coordinated outfits.


But, it was amazing to have dry feet. I haven’t had a pair of properly waterproof shoes for years. I had a pair of winter boots but I’ve worn those to the very brink of death, and even they weren’t all that waterproof in a proper downpour. I was so impressed by having dry feet that today I went out and bought my very own pair of wellies. In a much more understated green. Farmer chic I’m calling them. A total bargain at only £12 from Primark. It’s going to to take a lot of self restraint not to go back and buy them in burgundy as they will go very nicely with my winter coat.


I won’t sit here and pretend that a tiny little bit of me isn’t looking forward to autumn. Crisp mornings, kicking up leaves, snuggly jumpers and hot chocolates under blankets. Oh, and I’ve got a gorgeous cakey blanket thing that I just love wearing more than anything else I own.

But don’t run away yet summer. There’s still a few weeks of August left and therefore still a few weeks of what should be lovely and sunshiney in my view. Come back out and play summer, we miss you.


Love Charlotte x