Good Morning.

Gosh that title sounds riveting doesn’t it?

Today’s blog is a story that I wrote when I think I was about 15. I think maybe I was a bit daft then. I still am. There are more where this came from so if I get desperate for blogs this is the sort of thing we’re going to get!


Story The First

Once upon a time in a land very near to where you are right now, there once lived a little man who was very small. He was just small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. He wanted to grow a field of broccoli was his most favourite food.

He went to the local farmer who was Gareth at the time. The farmer is now called Mary. He is happy. Leave it, it’s a side note. The little man asked if he could rent a pot of land however the farmer cried:

“No, I cannot let you do this because I like to milk goats whilst riding on my brand spanking new combine harvest. Also you are small small, and is just so happen to be ‘smallest’. I am happy to admit this without any feeling if guilt for I am pretending to have a rare brain disorder that I am using as an excuse! SO THERE!”

What a horrible person. There’s nothing wrong with being small and he has never even taken the chance to get to know our hero. The miserable farmer is missing out in my opinion.

So, not being defeated of course, the little man went on quite a long trek through the city centre. On his journey he came across a seed selling boutique and stole some broccoli seeds.

The little man would like to stress at this point that stealing is wrong and he has since paid the shop back. If any small children, or anyone for that matter, is reading this then please don’t steal. Thank you.

He hid the seeds in his pony tail. Suddenly he was at the local swimming pool where he hired an inflatable boat. He filled the boat with soil and planted his seeds. He lived a very happy life tending his broccoli floating about in the middle of the pool. He also set up a side business selling it to hungry swimmers.

Finally, he took the evil farmer to court for being evil and won £1 MILLION!

He bought a daisy.

The end.

Goodness me that was a bit strange to type up. I wonder what on earth I was thinking. I think I remember writing this at lunch time at school where we did used to eat a lot of Haribo.


Hopefully I’ll have something better for you tomorrow.

Love Charlotte xx