By pure coincidence I had scheduled a baking day today around at the Surrogates. It just so happened that it was the same week of the bake off.


I’m sure they won’t mind me announcing this on the internet but none of us could enter the bake off. We are haphazard. We don’t have the right size tins. We ignore how many chocolate chips to put in a cake mix. I’m sorry but 25g was not going to be enough chocolate chips. That recipe was stingy. There is no point in having a stingy cake. No.


The day started out with attempting to make Mickey Mouse waffles.

Waffles are hard.

First thing, waffle irons are heavy and I have weedy little arms.

Second thing, we had no idea how much batter to use or how long it was going to take. They’re meant to take about 5 minutes in total, flipping half way. It took about half an hour! How you’re supposed to make 12 of these things (the amount the recipe stated) with just one waffle iron was beyond us. We had one each and we had to give up after just 3 each.

They did actually work out okay though though and I am taking the leftover batter home to attempt to make some more.


The next thing on the agenda was fruity chocolate sponge.

I say the next thing on the agenda, Rose (Little Sis Surrogate) had to take charge of this while me and Marie (Big Sis Surrogate) dealt with the waffles.


This was the recipe that did not have enough chocolate chips in it. It was also the recipe where we realised we definitely didn’t have the right sized tins.

Now… If we just ignore the fact that it got a little bit stuck in the tin (we got it out eventually) this was very successful! It was soooo tasty. But seriously, it was the extra chocolate chips that made it.

We had to teamwork to get the next one together. ROCKY ROAD!

Pretty darn easy. Broken up biscuits and buttery syrup-ness + marshmallows and cherries I’m melted chocolate. Oh… And the remaining few chocolate chips because there’s no point in wasting those now is there?


Possibly the easiest thing we did though was chocolate truffles. We did two kinds, just milk chocolate and ones with orange flavouring too. They were messy but really good fun to do. I’m already thinking about what other flavours I could do and ways to bag them up nicely to give away as presents!


And finally, the funniest one was Orange Jelly Cheesecake. Imagine a cheesecake. Mmm. Now imagine a thin layer of orange jelly on top. Mmmm. Now imagine trying to put twice as much jelly as you’re supposed to on in a time that is the wrong size.

Less mmmm… More hmmmmm?

It’s still pretty mmmmmm though! Maybe next time we should make it in individual ramekins?


Not only did we make all that amazing-ness… they provided PIZZA!

I love you Surrogates. I had the best time.

Don’t hate me for saying we’re not quite up to Bake Off standard yet.


Love Charlotte xx