I hope it’s not as rainy where you are. It’s hammering it down here.


So… An exciting event took place on Wednesday. The Great British Bake Off returned and boy was I excited.

As in fact, was the office. So excited that post Bake Off conversations were actually scheduled in. This is one of the best things about the Bake Off for me. I don’t watch Made in Chelsea or Eastenders or the World Cup and so on, so I miss out on quite a lot of ‘water cooler’ conversations. But with the Bake Off, I can join in! This is an exciting time for me.


So, picture the scene. It’s Wednesday. It’s almost 8 o’clock. I’m settled in the sofa. I am super excited. But also a little scared. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the last series. I did. But somehow I found that I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the previous ones. I can’t really remember why. I never found a favourite to root for and no one had a natty jumper which was highly disappointing.


So this year, I came to 8 o’clock with a more nervous excitement than anything else. My verdict?

I have high hopes.

I’ve not learnt everyone’s names yet but I did like beardy guy (although my friend B joked that it could be a hygiene issue). I also liked the woman that won star baker and the woman that went out. I thought it seemed a shame because even though she had had her little cake situation in the show stopper, she challenged Paul in the signature bake challenge about the cream in her Swiss roll and this made me happy.


It might be controversial but I’m not a really a big fan of Paul. I appreciate that he knows what he’s talking about but I don’t like the way he talks down at people. I know, I know… It’s a good cop bad cop thing with Mary but I just don’t think it’s necessary.


But my front runner based on this first episode has got to be Norman. This is possibly based on how adorable his dog is but also because he seemed to know what he was doing and seemed very matter of fact. No nonsense sort of chap. Fantastic!

The best part though, as usual was Mel and Sue.

There are at least three people on my office that have tried for the last couple of years to tell me I should enter. This is not happening for three reasons.

  1. I am not good enough
  2. If I did make it on I would 100% cry on National TV. Not on my bucket list.
  3. It doesn’t look fun.

Yes, you heard me right. It doesn’t look fun. It doesn’t look lovely and delightful a people in my office seem to assume. It looks like a massive stressful nightmare. This is not something I want to endure.


The only good thing I can see about going on The Bake Off would be having a laugh with Mel and Sue. Laughing at their comedy puns and experiencing the wonders of a Mel and Sue sandwich.



I look forward to seeing what this year’s bunch can offer.

I shall report back as the show goes on!


Love Charlotte xx