Oh my word, hello!


What do you do when you realised today is going to be you’re 50th post?

What do you write? It feels like it needs to something big. Something exciting! It should at least have a cool picture.

Instead, you’re going to get 50 facts about me because after a rather sleepless night it’s all I can manage to come up with. (And if I’m totally honest, it’s not even my idea, I stole it from a friend at work).


  1. Between the ages of about 8 and 18 I played the flute. I’m not sure I could do it anymore.
  2. I do not like coffee.
  3. I love bow ties.
  4. I have never smoked. I don’t intend to start.
  5. I take size 6 shoes.
  6. I am 5’5″.
  7. I would choose dishwasher over tumble dryer every time.
  8. I have one sister.
  9. I have a degree in English Language and Media Studies.
  10. I do not like football.
  11. I do like snooker.
  12. I never paint nails.
  13. I have never been stung by a bee or wasp. Only by nettles.
  14. I am a Virgo. Not that I believe in the astrology business.
  15. I am also the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon. Clearly the best one.
  16. I can juggle. But only three, I never learnt do do four.
  17. I was once caught singing along to Tom Jones by a trucker.
  18. I do not like cat. I have an understanding with one cat. That is all.
  19. My favourite colour is green.
  20. I love knitting. This doesn’t mean I am very good at knitting but I am going better.
  21. I have always wanted a coke gun (like in pubs) in my own house.
  22. I am the only person my friend ‘Sam’ will trust to buy her a cola at the bar.
  23. I have never broken a bone.
  24. But I have had three stitches in my knee.
  25. I have never seen, and probably never will see, Titanic.

  26. I would choose tomatoes over chocolate if I could only have one for the rest of my life.
  27. I have never dyed my hair.
  28. I have no piercings. Not even my ears.
  29. I have no tattoos. Apparently I’m just not into changing my appearance.
  30. I am right handed.
  31. I name inanimate objects. This post was created on Gerald (my trusty iPad).
  32. I stopped eating McDonalds etc. after watching Supersize Me.
  33. In May 2014 I tried a different tea everyday.
  34. I have a fetish for stationery.
  35. I love sleep. Just a shame I’m not very good at it.
  36. I very much enjoy a murder mystery.
  37. I love the east coast of England.
  38. I am a proud Hufflepuff.
  39. A colleague once said I ‘run like a fairy’.
  40. I love a graph.
  41. My favourite crisps are Salt and Vinegar.
  42. I can’t eat a green apple without salad cream.
  43. My favourite quiz show is Just a Minute on Radio 4
  44. I love the theatre.
  45. I once made a rag rug out of old jeans.
  46. My favourite film when I was little was The a YellowSubmarine
  47. This year I made elderflower cordial to raise money for the NSPCC
  48. I worry a lot.
  49. I forgot to breathe when I was born.
  50. I am obsessed with Mega Squishee (Our office mascot).

I did not realise how hard thinking of 50 things about me would be. I was a bit worried it would seem self indulgent or something but actually it was hard work and I genuinely had to get other people involved to help me think of all the things! Thank you to you all!


Love Charlotte xx