Hello and a Happy Tuesday to you.

I am not normally a fan of Tuesday. I find it’s very much on the wrong side of midweek.

One of the main things I have mixed feelings about Tuesday though is it means Driving Lesson Day.


First of all, to anyone thinking about learning to drive (provided you are 17 or over of course here in the UK) please do give it a go if you can afford to. It’s a useful skill to have and makes the world a whole lot more accessible.


I’ve been plodding along having an hour lesson each week for about 11 months now and I am just about ready to take my test. That’s scary. I don’t like the mock tests. They’re too formal and they make me nervous. For the most part, I can drive. And you would hope so after nearly a year’s worth of lessons. But sometimes I get flustered, I panic and I get myself stuck. Other times I am a total pro and you would wonder what I have to worry about.

And therein lies the problem. The reason that I don’t particularly look forward to my driving lessons. I’m not sure which way it’s going to go. Recently, it’s been more on the side of good than bad which is why we’re thinking it’s time to book the test in. But I’m just not quite sure enough in myself. What I need to do is book the test. Then it’s booked. And I have to do it. That’s what I did with my theory test and that worked out okay.


Also, it’s not like I’m going to book the test for next week. One, that would be stupid. And two, I’m pretty confident there’s a waiting list.

Another thing, is that I shouldn’t be so worried about actually passing the test first time round anyway. Loads of people fail the first time (although I will be calling this not passing if it happens to me – it sounds less negative). I should just look at it as finding out what having a driving test is like.


I will be going for a lesson today, and I’m sure my instructor will want to know why I haven’t booked the test. This is a good enough reason to book it surely? The guilt of having to say sorry I haven’t booked it I got a bit scared.


If I fail it, I fail it. Big deal. I’ll just book it again.

If I pass it, fair enough. I don’t have a car to drive with what would be my fancy pink license anyway.

It’s not the end of the world if I don’t pass. It’s just one of those things. I’m hoping if I tell myself this enough I’ll be able to muster up enough courage to click a few buttons and sort it out.


Pip pip,

Charlotte x