Hello! I have made it through the first day back relatively chirpy and unscathed. I know, result!


I am very aware I had a lot of luck and given different circumstances it could’ve been a nightmare but good fortune was shining down on me so I figured I’d make the most of it!

Here are my tips for getting to the end of the first day back without crying in the kitchen. (I have done this. It’s not fun and highly awkward when people come in to make a brew).


  • If possible go for a hike or something the day before. If you tire yourself out then you’ll find it easier to drop off at the appropriate time for getting up, rather than staying up late like you probably have been. Plus it’s a nice way to end the holiday with one last fun activity.
  • Remember to set your alarm the night before. Maybe set two. After all you’ve just gotten out of the habit of getting up early and now you have to force yourself back into it.
  • Hope for a sunny day. Yes it’s annoying to be at work and not the park when it’s sunny but it’s always easier to get up when it’s bright rather than rainy.
  • Have a decent breakfast. I failed to have breakfast at home so I treated myself to a bacon bagel. There was no way I was making it through my inbox without this:
  • Pray for a quiet day. This is where I lucked out. I came back to work on the last day before a big deadline. It could’ve been manic but luckily, my colleagues had obviously bucked down while I was off and there was a sensible amount of work waiting for me.
  • Take your lunch break. I know it can be easy to feel like you have to work through lunch but don’t. Get out. You are legally entitled to that break-make the most of it!
  • If you can get a treat for the afternoon because the memory of breakfast isn’t enough to sustain. Me and my admin buddies had genuinely booked ‘Costa Monday’ in before I went on leave.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cooler anyone?

  • Make sure you get your train. (Or bus. Or get back to your car before the ticket runs out). Even if that means running and finding out that even after only a week off you’ve gotten pretty unfit.
  • Listen to something you enjoy. Whether it’s music or a podcast or the sound of the sea, it can really help your mood.
  • Walk home. I appreciate this might not be an option for you but I find the walk home is a good opportunity to detach from the working day and get back into ‘your’ time.
  • Arrive home to ‘Share a Come with Sis’


The cynic in me says that this can’t last and that tomorrow will obviously be extra rubbish to make up for today. But I’m loving August so far so I’m trying to stay positive. There’s no reason I can’t have another good day. After all, the worst one is out of the way!


I would love to know what little things you do you to cheer up your day, I’m always looking for tips and tricks to try out. Oo alliterative!


Pip pip,

Charlotte x