Happy Sunday!


For day 3 of August it seemed appropriate to do Product Review number 3 from my mini Soap and Glory Haul. Let’s jump right in shall we?


The product in question is….

Orangasm: Super Tonic Fragarance


If you’ve read my other reviews then you will know that this is product 3 of the 3 for 2 offer. The others were practical. This was more of a fun purchase.


I don’t really buy perfumes or sprays. I don’t understand them properly and find the amount of choice out there a tad overwhelming. And I’m too lazy to go round the shop testing them all. I know I like citrusy smells, but how you’re meant to know if something is going to smell like walking through an orange grove from the bottle I have no idea.

I thought I was onto a winner with this. It looks orange. It’s called Orangasm for goodness sake. I had a cheeky spritz in the shop and boy did it smell orangey.


This is it! I’ve found it! My (practically non-existent) search is over!


And with a fresh burst of excitement I disregarded all other 3rd item options and headed to the tills.



As per usual, the packagining is lovely (although it did keep falling out of the bottom of the box in my bag which was annoying). I’m not 100% convinced by the name. I can see what they’re doing but it don’t think it’s as clever as some of their other offerings. Orangasm. It looks good. Harder to say.



But what about the important thing? The actual smell? Well, we already know I think it smells pretty darn orangey. But what is disappointing is that the smell does not last very long at all. I know it’s not a proper perfume so it’s probably not going to last all day but I did have to respray quite a few times through out the day. This isn’t what I was after really. And for something called a ‘Super Tonic’ I expected a little more longevity. If you don’t mind respraying in the day then that’s okay but for me, it’s a quite a big bottle that I don’t want to cart round all day with me. My bag is already weighed down enough with various ‘essential’ bits a bobs. I’ve got a bad back coming any day now.



Even though this was the last thing I chose on the 3 for 2, it was the most expensive so I did actually have to pay for this. £12 I paid. At first, I thought it didn’t seem too bad. It’s a big bottle after all. And it smells lovely. Much cheaper than a proper perfume. But actually, I’m not sure how long it would last if I used it all the time. I’ve bought it now and I am happy with it but I’m not sure yet if I would buy it again.

Maybe next time I’ll just get a body butter.


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Have a wonderful day,

Charlotte x