Pinch! Punch! 1st of the Month!

Hello and a very happy August to you too.

I would also like to wish my very good friend B a happy birthday (she will probably never read this) and to wish everyone out there a jolly happy Yorkshire Day too. Why not celebrate with some tasty puddings?


Anyway, enough of that.

After taking July off I have decided to have another go at the ‘Monthly Challenge’ by attempting to do a blog post everyday in August.


I started this little blog back on the 31st of March because I wanted to do something a bit different from my day to day day drudgery. To get back to doing something creative. And for the most part I think it has helped. But recently, I’ve found it hard to muster up the concentration to write. I’ve found it hard to marshall my ideas into sentences and paragraphs. I’m also starting to get that sinking trapped feeling again. Just a little bit. In the very pit of my stomach. And I don’t want to let that take over. Not when I know I can make things good if I just keep at it.


So, here it is. Post a blog every day. I’m not bothered if it’s a review, a diary, a story or a general musing. I just miss having something to aim for. This sounds like the perfect thing to me.


If you have any suggestions of things you might like to read about please let me know. Any ideas will be gratefully received: I’ve got another 30 days worth of content to think of after all!


If you’ve read this far, thank you.

I wish you a Happy Friday and an even Happier August!

Pip pip, Charlotte xx