When I first got Pinterest, I started a board called Little House. It was where I was going to pin ideas for when I eventually manage to buy my own place.

It seems to have drifted though now from ‘little house’ towards ‘imaginary dream house’. I’m not sure anything I ever purchase is going to have an indoor outdoor river pool, let alone my first tentative step onto the property ladder.


When talking about money or the future or some such other serious topic of conversation recently, the boy said to me “When I get rid of Audrey (the car) I have a checklist for what I want my next one to have. If it ticks those boxes, I’ll have it.”

And when faced with an increasingly broken phone and the prospect of needing to get a new one, I asked my good friend Sam (code name) what she wanted. She said she just wanted internet that works and to be able to listen to music. She wasn’t bothered about a fancy camera or it being a really awesome sat nav. Just youtube and tunes. (Having said this she has probably ended up with some all singing and dancing number seeing as her brother works in the phone shop).


It got me to thinking, what would I really like for my very own first little house? And being such a fan of a list, why have I never made one before? So here we go!


  1. To have a front garden of some description: I don’t like houses that are right on the pavement. I don’t want people looking into my living room every time they walk past.
  2. To have a back garden of a reasonable description: Ideally big enough for a small greenhouse to grow tomatoes in. And for a bit of a veg patch.
  3. A parking space: I don’t drive (yet, I am learning), but I know people who do. And when they come to visit I want them to be able to park up.
  4. A kitchen big enough to have a dining table in: I’m not bothered about a separate dining room. But I do like to eat at the table sometimes. And I’ve always wanted mismatching chairs too.
  5. Two bedrooms: Three would be better but two means I can have a friend stay over without having to make them crash on the sofa.
  6. An en suite: Or at least a second loo. It’s no fun if someone is hogging the bathroom and you, you know… need to go.
  7. A spare room: This can be that third bedroom if needs be, but I would like a room set up as an officey/crafty type room. Somewhere the computer can live. Somewhere I can have my (imaginary at this point) sewing machine set up. Somewhere with a desk.
  8. To be within walking distance of a train station: Please see the above comment about parking. I have to get myself to places somehow, my preferred choice is by train.
  9. To be within walking distance of milk: I know people who fantasise about owning a place out in the country. Away from all the hustle and bustle. It sounds lovely. Until you get up in the morning and realise there’s no milk for your tea. I don’t want to be smack bang in a city centre. But a shop nearby that sells milk and other useful items would be much appreciated.
  10. To be somewhere I feel safe: I can’t afford to live in the fancy places. But if I can walk down the streets at night without fear of being mugged that will do me!

So there we go. I have no idea if that is reasonable or over ambitious but I’ll just have to keep counting the pennies until something like that catches my eye. And then we’ll find out how unrealistic I’ve been.

Do you ever make a checklist for a big purchase to make sure you get what you want? It can’t just be me who loves a list right?


Toodle pip, enjoy your day!

Charlotte x