Hello there lovely.


Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like the world is never going to stop spinning? If anything it feels like it’s speeding up. The days flash by like the background of a Scooby Doo cartoon!


Get up.

Go to work.

Run errands on your lunch break.

Go back to work.

Run for jam-packed sweat box train/bus or sit in MASSIVE traffic jam.

Do chores when you get in.

OR. Ignore chores, watch dross TV and then feel immense guilt and stress caused by pile of left over chores.

Sleep badly due to worrying about doing it all again.

Repeat x4


Then the weekend.

Your time. To do whatever you want. See your friends and relax.

But those chores are still there.

And which friends do you see? And can you really afford to do all that fun stuff? If you’ve not got your own places with bills to pay, you might be desperately trying to save up for one.

And the problem with a weekend is that there’s never quite enough time for the working week to fall away. It’s always there, niggling at you.


I think it can be difficult to let yourself take a break. Or a least I find it difficult. If your job is anything like mine, taking time off tends to mean you come back to an overflowing inbox and a horrendous amount of work to do. There’s never a good time to take leave. Sometimes it just feels easier to keep going.

And then I feel like I want to get as much out of if my weekend as I can. I’ve earned that weekend! So that ends up jam packed and busy too.

But I wasn’t designed for this. I’m a worrier and a stresser and my mind races ahead of me with things I want to do… while I jog on after it, stitch in my side, wheezing trying to keep up.


Sometimes you just need to shout STOP!


This week, I am on holiday. The proper kind. No distractions. No obligations. Just pottering along and having chance to recover from the non-stop ride that is the world. It’s been less than a day so far and I already feel like my mind is slowing down, like I can focus on what I want to focus on. I’m going to make the most of this before I have to strap myself back in and start the whirlwind all over again.