I am perpetually disorganised.

I long to be that person who knows where everything is.

Who never forgets to charge her phone before she goes out. Who never forgets her phone.


I have a diary, but I forget to use it. So what is the point?

I make lists and sometimes I do actually cross things off them. Or I lose the list.

I lack focus. My mind wanders. It is overwhelmed by the amount of things it wants to do and so it constantly flits from one thing to another, making it very tricky to box a task off. I start something, lose concentration. Start something else. The first job doesn’t get finished. Oh dear.


Clearly what I need to do, is learn to tackle one thing at a time. They say this about New Year’s Resolutions (something else I am afraid I am prone to making and breaking). Just pick one thing, work towards that and your chances of success are significantly greater than trying to do everything at once!


The only thing I have managed to develop as a vague organisational skill is that I buy my Christmas cards in the January sales. (Thrifty Yorkshire need for a bargain making an appearance there)!

I know when people’s birthdays are, so why can’t I get my act together and get them presents? I have ideas. I mean to get things ready. I sometimes even write these things down. But then I forget to look at the list. Or I end up with some notes on my phone, some on my iPad, some on a post-it note wedged into my diary.


One of my very best friends has the sort gift buying skills that I wish I had. She has Christmas presents wrapped in November. My birthday is in September. She had my present bought this year way back in about March! Admittedly this is slightly beyond the norm. She had been on a trip, had seen something she thought I would like and knew that she wouldn’t have another opportunity to get me it. As you may be able to tell, she has already given me the present. Neither of us could cope with the tension! I want to have that sort of problem. Not panicking the day before.


I feel like I need to take a fortnight break to come up with a system that works. To plan ahead, to set up reminders. To set up a present drawer to store things in ahead of time. I would love to do this. I would feel amazing. And then, three weeks later, I would forget about it. I would procrastinate on making that purchase. And I’d be back at square one. Head in my hands thinking WHY?!