We had a lovely individual in who did a but of work experience recently. I think it went rather well, they didn’t complain at any rate.


He started out doing a bit of data entry for us, you can see the coffee cup on his desk – showing he’s hard at work.

But as you can see, later on in the day, we found him clutching onto the wine to get him through the endless paperwork mountain!

We thought he might appreciate a rest from typing so we put him on the phones. He was pretty good at this, he didn’t speak too fast which is always a plus point for telephone communication.


In order to make sure he got a good experience day we tried to make sure he got to do a lot of varied tasks. Including the ever so thrilling task of filing!


Time for another beverage break now and this is when we found out he’s into the World Cup!


As you can see he had an excellent break looking through his player card album and updating his sticker album. He’s got a long way to go though before he’s got them all.

We did catch him listening to his iPod but we all do it so no one really minded.



Finally, he offered to do the afternoon tea round which is always appreciated.


All in all, he was a jolly good little worker and we thoroughly enjoyed having him with us. He is welcome back at any time.


Pip pip, Charlote xx