The world is a busy place.


I might have mentioned before that I am a commuter.

I get a busy train. Walk through a busy train station. Spend 8+ hours in a busy office. Walk back to the busy train station through a busy city centre. Get on an even busier train home.

My weekdays are crowded, loud and hectic. Is it any wonder that sometimes I just want to get off the ride? You might be in the same situation and if you are, I feel your pain. (Unless you thrive on this sort of environment – good for you).


Sometimes you just need to escape. I know I do. But you can’t just suddenly get up and say:

“Enough is enough! I’m going on holiday. See you in two weeks!”

Well you could… But you’d get sacked. And I don’t know about you but I’m really keen on not getting sacked. Even if I do want to escape sometimes.

So what do you do instead? I don’t know really but here’s some things I think might help.

  1. Nature sounds: I stole this top tip from this lovely lady. If I feel overwhelmed by the commute, I pop my earphones in and try to pretend I’m at the seaside or in a forest.
  2. Music: Again, stolen as above, but nonetheless useful. Find a song that you find relaxing and listen to it. I find singing along very helpful but this isn’t always possible if you’re in a crowded place and don’t want to look slightly mad.
  3. Take a break. I don’t smoke, but people who do go out for a cheeky smoke break. So why can’t I have a break too? Make a tea, heck make a round! Or, just say you’re popping it the loo. No one needs to know you’re not actually desperate for a pee! It’s 5 minutes way from your desk and that stupid phone that won’t stop ringing.
  4. Lunch: I used to work through my lunch break when we got busy. Now we’re always busy I make sure I take my 30 minutes every single day. And I make sure I leave the office, even if it’s raining.
  5. Find water: I appreciate this might not be possible for everyone but I find water hugely relaxing and I am fortunate to work just about within sensible walking distance of the river. By just about I mean 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back leaving a 10 minute sit down in the middle. For me, this is totally worth it.

This is where I have started trying to go to at lunchtime. It feels like a world away and really let’s me clear my head ready to tackle the afternoon without cracking up.


It is so important to take time out to look after yourself. Nothing is worth feeling horrible about. I am the worst at doing this but I am trying to retrain myself. Take those five minutes, you’ve earned them so thousand times over.


Love Charlotte x