Fear not dear reader. This is not a top tips for a successful first date post. Nor is it me showing off about a successful date I may or may not have had recently. It is in actual fact, a theatre review!

The other week I saw Avenue Q but I have let myself become so disorganised that I am only just getting round to writing this up!

For anyone that doesn’t know Avenue Q is a musical. But it’s not just any musical.


Think puppets.

No, think muppets.

Now imagine muppets having sex on stage.

There you go.


All I can say is it was absolutley amazing! Much like my recent trip to see The Threepenny Opera, I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. And nothing I could’ve imagined would have been half as spectacular.

The songs are catchy. The characters are varied and they suck you in so that you care about their lives. Even the puppeteers were incredible. Some were voicing two puppets at once. Holding conversations with themselves. These actors had serious skill. The entire thing was hilarious. Hilarious barely even covers it. I’m not sure the last time that I laughed so much.

I’m not going to go into the plot as I think that would be wrong. I went into this not knowing what it was about and if you haven’t seen it before then I don’t want to ruin the surprise. You can google it if you really want to know. Rest assured though it has everything. Romance, betrayal, ambition, personal struggles, pop culture references, cartoon clips, and of course comedy. I will (and there is no question about this) be going to see it again.

So why did I start out this post talking about the perfect first date if all I wanted to do was rave on about a stage show?

I think this would be the perfect icebreaker to a relationship. First of all, you find out if you’re both theatre type people. Very important to know in my opinion. Even more importantly you will find out if you’re going to get on. If one of you isn’t laughing then it’s probably safest to call it quits before you get too invested. You obviously don’t have the same sense if humour and as we all know from various polls that are wheeled out on slow news days: sense of humour is very important when looking for a spouse.

It gets all the awkward topics out in the open and dances them naked (not literally… Oh wait there is that one bit…) in front of you. Communication is surely the most important thing in a relationship. Even more so when it comes to difficult, awkward, controvsial and embarrassing topics. Now, dear fledgling couple, you don’t have to worry about bringing them up. And if you still can’t talk about what the internet is really for then go your separate ways now before you find yourself crying into a bottle after chatting to the bad idea bears.