A by no means comprehensive list of my future,


When I grow up I will:


Make jam.

Make cordial.

Let daisies grow in the lawn.

Have a greenhouse full of tomatoes.

Grow a sunflower house.

Pack picnics.

Make bunting.

Wear bow ties.

Have a present cupboard.

Hang my tea cups on the wall.

Bake bread.

Knit things. Probably tea cosies.

Have so many cushions

Have a walk in wardrobe.

Grow sweet corn.

Jump in puddles.

Light candles.

Have BBQs. All summer.

Go to the theatre instead of watching TV.

Read more.

Listen to the radio.

Sing loudly while cooking.

Sing loudly while baking.

Sing loudly while washing up.

Sing loudly while driving.

Sing loudly.

And no one will stop me.

Pip pip, Charlotte xx