It only takes a hint of sunshine to make Britain go crazy. Today has been the first properly lovely day in ages and people were out in shorts and t-shirts and sandals.

Photos of beer gardens are popping up all over twitter.

My boy was probably attempting to catch skin cancer by sitting out in the back garden.

Even I got into the spirit walking home without my jacket. (I am almost always cold).

There was one crazy girl though, walking through town though in a full on parka with the furry lined hood up at lunch time. There’s always one.


The only downside to the sunny weather is not being able to enjoy it to the full. Today I watched the sunny weather from my desk while day dreaming about picnics and trips to the beach. Imagining going to a theme park and purposefully going on the water rides to cool down. Thinking about star gazing and not having to be totally freezing. Planning the perfect BBQ. Just because I am trapped inside doesn’t mean I can’t plan how I would spend my time in the sun if only I were free.

Yesterday, I bought a maxi dress. I also bought suncream because it was on offer and when you’re as pale a me you need to stock up on factor 50 when it’s on a good deal. I am also on the look out for a straw hat. Because you know, those are cool right?

The weatherman tells me this nice warm spell is meant to last over the weekend. Make the most of it because I can only conclude that, by doing the above shopping, I have jinxed summer and we will all have to put up with rain and probably snow flurries. I can only apologise.

Toodle pip, Charlotte xx