The three best things people have said to describe me at work are:

‘You run like a fairy’

‘Why are you always dressed like you’re going to a party? Or for afternoon tea?’

And my personal favourite…

‘You’re a gingerbread sadist.’

As it turns out, I am a gingerbread sadist. No quick death for them. It’s all biting the limbs off first and dunking them into scalding hot tea. As below:

First you pull the buttons off. Then you bite off all the limbs one by one. But look, even at the point where he’s down to one eye, the little blighter is still smiling. Jerk. He deserves everything he got.

A quick look at how my two admin buddies had eaten their gingerbread men proved that I’m not the only one who does this, they both just had heads left too.

To summarise, according to my colleagues, I am a fairy who is on route to derive pleasure from inflicting pain on baked goods at the nearest tea party I can find. That sounds about right to me.

Is it any wonder people tell me I’m mad…

Loves, Charlotte x