Good Evening.

So, it turns out I am more competitive than I thought and when offered a challenge by a fellow bloggist to drink a different tea every day in May (despite not having the slightest interest or desire to drink all those fancy teas) I not only accepted but resolved to win.

Starting out from a standing point of only drinking every day tea, I have so far amassed a collection of 18 teas. Not bad for 2 days work. I have managed to do this by a little bit of cheeky shopping where I knew you get free samples and simply asking people around the office.

And boy are people interested in the idea of 31 teas in 31 days. 

The competition element has certainly caught people’s interest and the fact that I’m doing it just to prove I can also seems to have got people on my side. At least 5 people around my building have asked me to keep them updated on how it goes and at least 7 people have offered to bring me (or have already brought me) different teas.

I have therefore concluded that people really like a daft challenge and that this is like the strangest tea round I have ever been involved in.

So far I’ve had Peppermint Blend (Donanted by Mouzma) which I would give a 7/10 – I did actually have a second cup!

Today I tried Jasmine tea for the first time. It will be the last. Apologies to anyone that enjoys a cup of this but I thought it tasted like twigs and autumn foliage. 3/10 I reckon at best.

I shall endeavor to keep a record of this challenge because I really am in it for the win. But also, I’m hoping to find some new beverages to enjoy. I’d really like one of those fancy tea caddies with all the different teas in it one day.

Loves Charlotte x