Disclaimer: The idea for this post is entirely plagarised from my favourite magazine, The Simple Things. I heartily recommend you go out and read it.

First Tea of the Day: 06.45

The ‘Is it really the morning AGAIN?’ tea.

The first tea of the day is always made in the teapot. It makes 3 teas. One is mine, the other two are for my mum. The last cup gets decanted into the flask in the background to keep toasty until my mum is ready for it. 

My morning tea is (almost) always drunk from my gardening mug. It’s proper china so it’s nice to drink from and it holds just the right amount of tea to fit into my a morning routine.

Second Tea: 08.30

The ‘I can’t start work without a brew’ tea.

Ah, we’ve moved locations now to the office and so we have a change of mug. This is a less classy mug but nonetheless one of my favourites. If I ever leave my current job I will be taking it with me. Despite the fact that I commandeered it from a colleague because frankly, it suited me more than it did him.

Don’t worry he already had a new mug before I stole it.

Third Tea: 10.15

The ‘Before I start on this new spreadsheet, I’ll need a new tea’ tea.

Nestling next to the phone, you can see that my purple mug has a decapitated giraffe on it. Don’t worry, the head will make an appearance further down.

It is at this point in the morning that I start to fantasise about my lunch break, and what exciting things I could do with it. And how else are you supposed to daydream about buying new jeans than with a cup of tea?

Fourth Tea: 11.00
The ‘Does anyone want a drink?’ tea.

Ah, mid morning. I have actually moved onto hot chocolate as I feel it’s more like food and at this point I’m trying to tide myself over until lunch. 

The other three mugs belong to my lovely IT boys. As you can see, they are classy guys – someone’s mug is chipped.

Fifth Tea: 14.20
The ‘It’s actually really warm in the office, I’ll have a Pepsi instead’ tea.

So this is a bit of a cheat because obviously the above beverage is not a tea. But it is technically in a mug. My super cute Guiness mug that I use specifically for cold drinks in the office.

Some of my colleagues seem to think this is a bit weird.

Sixth Tea: 15.00
The ‘Afternoon tea a biscuit’ tea.

It’s 3pm. I’m tired. I remember I have a KitKat. The afternoon is saved!

Ps. There’s the cheeky chappy’s little face. 

The Seventh Tea: 16.00

The ‘It should nearly be home time’ Chai.

My working hours have changed this week. From 8.30 – 4.30 to 9.00 – 5.00.

I’m not thrilled about it, normally at 4pm we are on the home straight. Now there’s still an hour to go. So to cheer myself up I treated myself to a nice cup of Chai. Mmmmmm. Cinnamon goodness.

Sometimes, I’ll have a tea when I get home but today I felt like I’d had plenty during the day. If I ever had to give up tea though I’m not sure what I’d do.

It punctuates my day and I use to medicate my mood. 

It’s social. 

It’s calming. 

It’s energising.

It’s necessary.

Cheery-Bye, Charlotte x