When you open the blind, the sun pours in.

Get up and put the kettle on.

Make the tea in a proper tea pot, not straight in the mug.

Make a packed lunch. It’ll taste better than the shop bought stuff.

Pour the tea. Milk in first or milk in second, I don’t mind – just do what makes you happy.

Unlock the door.

Hear that?


That’s because no one else is up yet.

It’s quiet.

Enjoy it.

Relish it.

The world is a loud place.

Cut some fresh herbs for your that packed lunch you started. It adds something special.

Take 5. Take 10. Sit down and drink the tea. 

You made tea in a pot, pour another cup while you make some toast. 

Put some jam on that. Treat yourself.

This is your time. 

Before the rest of the world wakes up. Before it starts making a noise. Demanding your attention.

This is why I love mornings.

Love Charlotte xx