Some people have favourite haunts. Places they go to time and time again. The familiar favourite location where the good times are practically guaranteed. 

Think Central Perk in Friends or Cheers in… um… well, Cheers!

It’s the idea of the third location. Home, work and some place else. Somewhere you automatically go because you love love it there so much. A place you share with friends and family. You meet someone new and you want to take them there and so they can be a part of it too.

I suppose in a way I have some these. There is a Caffe Nero in Leeds which is the designated tea meet up spot for me and a friend. And the local pub which is always a good fall back options when we can’t think of anywhere else to meet. Oh and the ever faithful Pagoda where we’ve been so many times we’ve given practically all the staff their own secret code names. But they’re not places that I love. Not places that I would say are ‘mine’. 

I know people that have locations that they are truely passionate about. Places that they enthuse over. Places that feel like they are a part of them.

The thing is, I don’t really mind where I am as long as who I’m with is good company. Today I spent a couple of hours sitting on a park bench in the sun with one of my favourite people. It’s not a glamorous location.There were geese milling by every 5 minutes. Much to the annoyance of my companion. I’m not saying it wasn’t a gorgeous location, it was but I couldn’t go exactly back there as I wasn’t paying attention to which bench we were sitting on. And it wouldn’t be half as good if it hadn’t been so sunny. Terrible had it been raining!

I am quite happy to go where ever as long as I’m with someone I like. Ideally there will be some sort of seating and it will be quiet enough for us to hold a conversation without shouting but I can cope without.

I don’t think that’s much to ask. 

Cheery Bye, Charlotte x