Since starting writing a blog I’ve also been reading a lot more too which is a really good way to spend some time. This guy in particular is one I look out for. I wholeheartedly suggest you check him out.

His most recent post is about either or questions as a way to get to know someone. I love an either or but I will admit now I am prone to refusing to answer and throwing in a curveball third answer.

In the interest of sharing here are my answers to his suggested list of questions:

Red or Blue?

Blue. It’s calmer.

Miracle or Coincidence?

Coincidence. People use the word miracle too often.

Beef or Pork?

As a cut if meat? Neither. If forced to choose? Pork because I love pigs.

Duck or Swan?


Chinese or Indian?

Chinese. Noodles FTW.

Japan or America?


Vinyl or CD?

Vinyl. I don’t see the point in CDs. You just put them on your computer anyway.

Apple or Android?

My phone is Android. My heart is Apple.

Banana or Orange?


Strawberry or Blackcurrent?

For Ribena? Blackcurrent. For the fruit? Strawberry.

Car or Bike?


Karl Pilkington or Guy Martin?

Guy Martin. 

Scotland or Wales?


Left or Right?

This answer is not political. Right.

CD or Radio?


Radio 2 or Radio 1?

Radio 4.

Football or Rugby?

Rugby. There’s less faffing around.

House or Flat?

House. I like to sit on the stairs.

Cat or Dog?

Dog. Cats think they’re better than me. And they’re not.

Ferrari or Aston Martin?


Johnny Depp or Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks.

Helena BC or Audrey Hepburn.


Robin Williams or Jim Carrey?

Robin Williams

Comedy or Horror.

Comedy. Every time.

Cider or beer

Cider. Preferably Mixed Fruit Jacques.

Wine or Alcopop?

Wine. White not Red.

Coke or j2o?

Full fat Coke. If it’s a Pepsi, even better.

Cash or Card? 


Run or Cycle?

Cycle. Running is bad for your knees.

Night In or Night Out.

Night in. 

Talk or Listen?

It should be an equal measure of both.

Radio or TV?

TV.  Because you can also get the radio through it!

Race or Drive?


Smile or Grin? 


Laugh or Cry.

Cry with laughter.

Quiet or Loud?


Up or Down?


Beach or Pool?


Train or Bus?

Train. I don’t really understand how buses work.

Sunshine or Snow?

I don’t think these are exclusive in the same way that Summer or Winter would be. I love sunshine and snow together.

City or Countryside?

Honestly, with a heavy heart, I say… City. 

Play or Film?


Lucky Item or Mascot?


Myth or Legend?


Arthur or Lancelot?


Monkey or Lion?


Ricky Gervais or Jimmy Carr?

Jimmy Carr.

Me or You?


Us or Them?

Please see previous answer.

Enjoy It or Be Good At It?

Enjoy it.

Win or Finish Midtable?


Win or Lose?


Cock or Balls?

I feel it would be cruel to separate such close friends.

Happy or Sad?

Happy. Who is choosing sad?

Cheap or Expensive?

Whatever I feel is good value.

Quality or Quantity.


Study or Learn on the Job?

Learn on the job.

Success or Room to Improve?

Room to improve. There’s always something new to learn.

College or High School?


Masters or Doctorate?

Doctorate. Only to create a non gender specific / marital stays related title.

Uni or Life?


Destination or Journey?


Travel Far and Wide or Near and Close?

Thus far, near and close. In the future? Who knows!

Middle East or Far East?

Far East.

Oz or Nz?

New Zealand.

USA or Canada?


Russia or China?

Russia. For the hats. 

Safe or Risky?


All or Nothing?


Plane or Boat?


Green or Orange?

Green. Always green.

Fire or Water?


Gas or Electric?

Gas. I don’t like electric hobs. But I do like electric ovens… Oh dear.

Drift or Down Force?

Drift. Don’t know why.

F1 or Rally?


If you’ve read this far thank you and now you know some random facts about me. Mostly that I don’t answer Either Or questions very well. 

I’d love to know your answers because I am nosey like that. If my brain can cooperate, I may even come up with my own list.

Toddle pip, Charlotte x