But what if it actually was?

Hello and a Happy Saturday to you.
For some reason I bought a lottery ticket yesterday. I don’t normally do this, that’s £2 that could be better spent on food in my opinion! For whatever reason though, I am now technically in with a chance of winning £9m.
I’m sure you’ve had the clichéd ‘what would you do with all that money’ conversation. I know I have. Here are the main things that crop up in my experience:
Quit work
Buy a massive house
Buy a car
Buy a second house
Go on ALL the holidays
Get all the latest tech to fill the houses
I want to know though what is the VERY first thing you would do. I don’t think the very first thing you would do is buy a new house because that’s not how buying a house works. I reckon you’d go out and buy champagne. Or order a dominos because you could. 
Another interesting point is who would you tell? I will admit now that I look at those people holding the big cheques, telling the world that they are millionaires and think they are fools. There are MANY people I know that I wouldn’t tell because I don’t trust them not to change their opinion of me or not get jealous and scroungy. If I won the big jackpot I would probably tell them that I’d won a lot less.
I’m not saying that I want to hoard all the money for me, not even a little bit. If you’re important to me then I will share the wealth with joy in my heart. I already know who I would spend the money on and why. There are small things (the word small is obviously context dependant) like buying someone the complete Louis Vuitton luggage set or paying off my friend’s holiday that he is struggling to save for. There are bigger things, like having someone’s garden landscaped or getting them their dream car. There is also one person in particular that I would want to help quit their job and peruse a dream.
Talking about quitting work though, I’m not sure that I would. I’d probably go part time but I don’t think I’d full on quit. I’ve said it before, I don’t love my job but I do love the people and I think I might just stay for them. It’s alright saying you’d quit work but unless you pay for all your friends to quit too you’ll end up spending quite a lot of time on your own (unless you go out and get new equally rich friends).
I had a week off recently and by Thursday afternoon I was lonely and missed people. I’m not designed to spend prolonged periods of time on my own. I don’t like eating on my own and I like to watch TV with someone else in the room. We don’t even have to talk. I just like having someone there.
After writing all this, I’m not even that sure I want to win the lottery…
That’s totally not true, of course I do. But if I win, my friends and family will win too.
Loves Charlotte x