The further away from my educational career find myself, the more I realise how little education actually teaches you.

There’s no point denying it, I was a good student. I cope strangely well in an exam and for the most part could write an essay according to what the teacher wanted to read.
It hasn’t actually taught me anything useful though. I’m not doing the whole university rant that people my age like to do after realising that uni should definitely be investigated by the advertising standards agency (that’s a whole other blog post). I’m talking mostly about high school, maybe a bit about college. The run up years to becoming an adult.
My high school offered food tech and textiles but in neither did I learn how to make a proper meal or sew on a button. I think we did cakes and cushions instead. In my adult life I have made countless cakes and at least one cushion so I suppose you could say that those lessons have helped but it would’ve been far more beneficial to have learnt how to make a meal out of what is left in the fridge and how to turn up trousers. 
I’ve never needed to know about river tributaries but it would be helpful to be able to read a map. 
I’ve never had to use cosine or algebra but I am completely confused by my pension.
I made a hack saw in resistant materials but I don’t have the foggiest idea how to put up a shelf. 
I spent countless weeks learning about the structure of plant cells and a single 45 minute lesson on how to wire a plug. Which seems a more useful life skill?
Imagine lessons on budgetting, home cooking, loading the washing machine and how to assemble ikea furniture without cursing at pitiful instructions and crying in a corner when you realise you’ve put the side of a wadrobe on upside down!

This is what people need to learn in life so why not get a head start. I would be a much more competent adult now I’m sure of it.
Loves Charlotte x