I never thought that I was a techno addict. I like my tech, don’t get me wrong, but I always had the idea of myself that I could cope perfectly well without technology thank you very much.

For example, one of my biggest bug bears is lateness, and the mobile phone (while a fantastic invention) had made being late seemingly acceptable. How many times have I been waiting at the agreed meeting point at the agreed meeting time to hear my phone go off and see something along the lines of: ‘sorry, running late be there in 10’. Too many. Just because you’ve let me know doesn’t mean I don’t have to stand in the cold.
Another thing that saddens me about technology is how much young people are involved with it. Do kids even play scarecrow tig and climb trees any more or do they just play Candy Crush and Facebook each other (even if they are under 13 and shouldn’t have accounts)? I know people whose toddlers know how to swipe an iPhone for crying out loud!
Yes I have an iPod, but it isn’t in colour. Yes I have an ereader, but I only bought it because it was dirt cheap on offer. I could count on two hands how many books I have actually read on it whereas I literally couldn’t count how many physical books I have read.
I always prefer to speak to people face to face rather than through a screen. At work I’d rather walk to someone’s desk than send an email where possible.
Today however, I learnt something about myself. It turns out I am a techno addict after all.
My phone broke yesterday. Approximately 30 minutes before I was due to meet someone. No problem, quick switch up between mine and my mum’s phone meant I didn’t have to go out for the day without a method of contacting people. Except that I didn’t have any of my numbers because I’m not smart enough to have them on my sim card. And because my phone remembers my numbers for me, the only numbers I actually know are my own and my house. Not very helpful.
This morning, it was still broken. And at lunch time, a lovely man took it away from me to send off for repair. And it was during today that I realised how much I look at my phone during a day. I check twitter several times a day and I will admit that I text people during office hours. I even text people I work with. Maybe I’ll send them a snapchat of my cup of tea or broke photocopier because when you work in an office that is what passes as entertainment. And today I couldn’t do this. I felt lost. 
It was a manic day full of issues and problems and stuff that needed fixing. All I wanted to do was tell someone external from the situation in order to relief some stress (and maybe cadge a bit of sympathy!) and I couldn’t. It was horrible.
My only defense for myself is that what I missed was communication and not flappy bird. I hope that this makes it acceptable but I’m not really sure that it does. I am currently charging an old phone that I am really not really looking forward to using but at least I will be able to text people!
Loves Charlotte x