In case I haven’t mentioned it before I’m 25 years old. Other people I know my age listen to Radio 1. Or maybe something like Capital FM. I like to listen to podcasts and Radio 4. Each to their own eh? 

My absolute favourites are Just A Minute (with the darling Nicholas Parssons) and The News Quiz (with the marvellous Sandi Toksvig).

Last week’s episode of The News Quiz involved a lovely segment where the panelists and host stopped for tea. While this sounds lovely, just stopping for tea probably wouldn’t make very good radio, so in reality it was a clever little segue into a story that said that people in offices no longer do the tea round. They just make the one cup for themselves. Apparently people even make deliberately bad tea so as to never be asked to make tea for a colleague again. 
This upsets me. I work in an office and for the past year the layout was such that going and asking other people if they wanted a brew was highly impractical, so yes, I did just make lonesome cuppas for myself. Now, however we have moved to a new home and I am making it my mission to learn everyone’s hot drinks order and perfect them. 
I might not be lucky enough to love the work I do, but I do love the people I work with so why wouldn’t I want to make these people a tea or coffee or maybe even a cheeky hot chocolate? I have to spend a minimum of 8 hours a day in that office so anything that can cheer the place up is a priority in my opinion and tea certainly brings a smile to people’s faces. 
My favourite people to make tea for are the IT guys because you have never seen such an adorably happy face as the face our IT manager pulls (incidentally, who certain members of staff are a bit scared of!) when you rock up at their door pointing at a mug. Heck, I’ll even make a tea for people when I’m not even having one myself. Just to spread the happy. 
If you are the selfish person just making drinks for yourself I implore you to share the love. I think your working day will be improved no end and let’s face it, the bigger the round, the more time spent away from your desk!
Loves Charlotte x