Hello again!

It’s April tomorrow (I really hope no one plays an April Fool joke on me) and I think a new month is a good time for a little challenge.

One of the main features of my Ground Hog days is trying to decide what to have for lunch. Every morning I struggle to come up with an idea of what to take with me to the office and invariably I end up with a sandwich and pack of crisps a la primary school.

I have decided that if I’m going to get out of this rut I am going to need to make some changes and what better place to start than with what I eat. Don’t they say your body is a temple? I am going to attempt to have something different for lunch every single day. 30 different lunches. Sounds easy but I’m already wondering if I can think of and prepare that many different things.

I will allow myself a few bought lunches, as this is always a nice treat but I am going to try and limit these to just once a week. Obviously I can have a sandwich more than once, but not the same filling.

Do you have any favourite packed lunches? I’d love some inspiration!

Loves Charlotte x